Saturday, October 11, 2014

Theme: All About Apples!

During the month of September we learned all about apples! Here are just a few of the activities I did with my three year old class...

I purchased two red, yellow, green and pink apples. When you ask a preschooler, "what color are apples?" The normal response is, "Red!" I wanted to show my  students that apples come in a variety of colors.

We talked about the different parts of an apple. 1. Skin 2. Stem 3. Flesh 4. Seeds

"From the seeds of an apple, a new apple tree will grow and make more apples!"

I gave the name of each apple as I placed it on the corresponding construction-paper color strip.

I cut one of each apple in half to show the students the "surprise" hidden in each apple: a Star!

"In the star is where the seeds hide."

Then it was time to taste the apples! Before tasting I asked each child to tell me which one they think they are going to like best. I handed them a paper apple in the corresponding color they said they thought they would like.

We tasted each apple one by one. We talke about how each apple tastes. I asked them if the apple tastes sour, sweet, or tangy?

After we tasted each apple, I asked them which apple  they liked best. I then gave them a paper apple in the color corresponding to their response. We looked to see if they ended up likeing the apple they had predicted at the beginning.

Investigation Station: I set out trays with an apple, seeds, a stem, and a magnifying glass. We sat together and talked about what we observed. 

Here is my son looking at the Golden Delicious up close. 

Apple Craft Acticity: after we finished tasting and investigating I had each child pick the apple they liked best and I gave them a strip of construction paper in the color corresponding to their response. They cut the construction paper strip and glued the cut pieces on a paper plate. When finished glueing, they adorned it with a stem and leaf.

Seasonal Tree: this tree in our class changes with the season. In September it had bright green leaves with the apples the students made.

Sensory Tub: Aa is for apple! I added red, yellow and green pom poms in three sizes (small, medium and large), foam apples, an apple strainer, and nesting bowls to group the apples by size and color. 

Thank you for stopping by. Hope these activities inspire you to create and learn with and for your students. :)


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