Friday, March 21, 2014

January Week 4: Alphabet {letter Nn}

Letter of the week box: newspaper, note pad, ninja mask, numbers, noodles, nuts, necklace, letter N flash card 

Letter Song {U Tube Video}: "Letter M", by Having Fun Teaching

We start by listening and watching the video of the song "Letter n," by Have Fun Teaching. E danced and jumped to the song and worked on saying the /n/ sound!

Then we go through the letter of the week box. We discuss each object. While pointing to the N flash card, I say, "Newspaper  starts with N  /n/ /n/ newspaper." I do this for each object. 

Letter Worksheet: N is for newspaper 

First, I have him trace the letter with his pointer finger on his worksheet.  He cut pieces of newspaper with his scissors. then, I model how to trace the letter N on a piece of paper with a marker. He then traces the letter on his worksheet with a marker and glues newspaper on N.

Sensory Tub: 

Materials: black dyed rice (or you can use black beans too), tub or container, noodles, nuts, necklace, nickles (for stars) and a paper moon. 

I first placed the noodles, nuts, necklace in the tub/container and then I poured the rice over the items to hide them. On top of the rice I placed the nickels and moon. I had him dig to find the hidden "n" word objects. It was like a treasure hunt!

After he found all the "n" objects we sorted them into groups and counted to see which group had the most and which had the least!

Letter Snack: noodles with marinara

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