Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Game: Noisy or Quiet?

-Tin container with lid
-Quiet and noisy items from around the house

What I placed in the tray
Quiet Items: tissue paper, card stock paper, straw, foam number 1, plastic fly, tin foil, wax paper, pom pom ball, sticker, and pipe cleaner.

Noisy Items: coin, apple button, earring, car, basketball easer, whistle, plastic letter D, small metal cookie cutter, and glass pebble.

*I found this small (magnetic) tin container at Michaels in the dollar bins.

How to play:
I had E place an item in the container and he would shake it to see if the item is quiet or noisy. 

To begin I placed an item in the container, shook it and said, "This is noisy!" And then I I took that item out and replaced it with a quiet item, shook it and said, "This item is quiet."

I asked him if he would like to try. Of course he did! He would pick an item to place in the container and as he shook it I would state wether the item was noisy or loud. Then I would prompt him by asking if the item was noisy or quiet.

*This would be a great game activity when learning the five senses: the sense of hearing. Throughout the month I will share game activities for the sense of taste, sight, touch and smell. :)

Thanks for your support and stopping by! Love to hear from you. 



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