Monday, October 14, 2013

October Week 2

Alphabet: Ff
Science: pumpkin report
Math: measuring and sizing
Theme: pumpkins
Field Trip: pumpkin patch


Letter of the week box: fish, fishing pole, farmer, fire truck, football, fly, fork, flower, and flash cards.

Letter Ff craft: F is for feathers

Letter Ff Activity: sensory tub

What's inside: 
Foam, fish and fishing poles, the number four and five.

To make the foam you will need:
Dish soap 
Food coloring

I got this recipe from Learn Play Imagine. Her recipe called for 1Tbs of dish soap to a little bit of water. I use Trader Joes' dish soap (which doesn't foam much) I had to add 4-5 Tbs of dish soap to about 1/4 cup (or less) or water. Just blend on high until it stops foaming, about 2-4 min (I didn't keep time!)

I repeated this about 5 times and didn't get a lot of foam, but it worked for the time being. I might need to get the good stuff next time I want to make foam. I added the foam to the sensory tub with the letter Ff items. E played with the foam for a bit and then I added water, which he enjoyed more.


Field trip: pumpkin patch

We started the week with a trip to our local pumpkin patch. E loved the pumpkin patch!  We talked about the different colors, shapes and names of pumpkins. E also loved playing on the tractors and climbing the hay bale hill to ring the bell!

Theme Activity: pumpkin report

This is a fun science activity, which I've done many variations of, to study the ins and outs of a pumpkin.

E learned the parts of a pumpkin: stem, skin, flesh and seeds.

He learned shapes (circle, rectangle), sizes, length, width and so much more in this one activity. This activity did take a few days to finish! A two year old's attention span is not very long! But it was lots of fun!

*This activity idea came from The Mailbox. My favorite teaching resource! ;)

Fine Motor/Life Skill Activity: Pumpkin Sweep

I found these cute little acrylic pumpkins in the dollar bin at Target. I wasn't sure what I going to do with them, but I just couldn't pass them up. The next day I found the small green garbage can and hand sweeper at CVS. E loved this activity! He swept, scooped, poured and tossed the pumpkins in and out of the garbage can. He also really loved the fact he could open and close it!

This was a busy week, we didn't get around to doing Bible! Next week we will continue to talk about transportation. We will focus on air transportation.

Thanks for your support and stopping by! Love to hear from you! 


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