Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November Week 2

Alphabet: Ii
Math: 1-5 and shapes
Theme: food groups
Bible: seventh day of creation


Letter Ii box: iron, ice cube tray, insects and flash card.

We didn't have many items around the house that start with Ii! This was all I could come up with. E had fun going through the box and playing with the insects!

Craft: insects on I
We traced The letter I with our finger a few times and then I added the dots of glue for him to glue the insects.

It took me a while to figure out what to do for letter Ii. I did not have a lot to work with and then I received a great idea from the Lord! I have been seeing post on Pinterest about ice melt activities and I couldn't wait to do one with E. 

What you need:
-Ice cube tray and/or plastic containers to use as molds
-Plastic insects

I simply placed insects in a plastic container and in an ice cube tray and filled them up with water. I then Placed them in the freezer. I didn't keep time, but it will take probably 4-5 hours for the plastic container to freeze all the way. We were inpatient and took it out early before the block was frozen all the way! ;)

I placed the ice in a baking dish, put salt in a recycled sprinkle container and in a small bowl. The salt helps the ice melt faster so he can get to the insects!

E had a blast and this kept his attention for quite some time. While he played we talked about all the Ii words: insects, in, ice, and ice cubes. 


Using real food I made an assortment on a small tray. I placed one or two items from each food group: vegetable group (celery and carrot), fruit group (banana and orange), protein group (ham), diary group (string cheese) and grain group (a slice of bread).

I kept it simple! We first talked about what the names of each food item and then I shared with him which food group it belongs to. Ex: "celery and carrot are vegetables they are in the vegetable group."

And then of course E wanted to try some of the food! :) that's the advantage of using real food!


Craft: Shapely vegetables

After we discussed the food groups we made this Shapley craft. It's hard to tell in the picture above but I traced an outline of the oval, circle and triangle on the brown paper. Together we made this craft. He added glue to the shape (and then I added a bit more glue) and he placed the shape in the correct spot. I helped guide him when placing the diamonds, star and rectangles since I did not make an outline for those shapes.

As he glued each shape we talked about the name and the color of that shape.

When we were all done we reviewed the names of the vegetables we created with the shapes.


This activity is great for counting and for developing fine motor skills. We have done this activity a few times and E really enjoys it! We counted and identified numbers. E decided to match the beads to the color instead of adding the correct number of beads to the corresponding number. He decided this all on his! What a cutie! 


We finished our study on the days of creation. We reviewed days 1-6 and talked about all that God made. I then shared him that God was pleased with all that he created and so he rested on the seventh day. As we chatted about this he helped me glue the bed, pillow, sun and z's on the paper.


For the third week in November we will learn about nutrition and Thanksgiving.

Thanks for your support and stopping by! Hope these ideas inspire you!  


Love to hear from you!

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  1. I really enjoyed this post. I really only read through the insects in ice part so far. But I wanted to comment. I found you from looking for Bible lessons for preschoolers. I enjoyed visiting you. I hope you keep sharing your amazing ideas. I am a new preschool teacher and looking for ideas, help and support.
    I will finish visiting the rest of your posts!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

    1. Hi sherry! Happy belated Thanksgiving to you! It was really nice to hear from you! The activities I do with my son at home can be adapted for a classroom setting! I hope they will be useful in your classroom! :)