Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November Week 3&4

Alphabet: Jj
Theme: Thanksgiving
Bible: Give thanks to The Lord...


What you need:
-Unflavored gelatin
-Food coloring

Follow the directions on the gelatin packet (I used water instead of juice), pour the mixture into three jars, add food color, of your choice, to each jar and place jars in freezer to cool down a bit. Once jars are cooled down (5-10 min) add jewels and let Jell-o set in the fridge.

Once the Jell-o was set I placed the jars in a tray and we observed and talked about the jar, jell-o and jewels. I then used a butter knife to loosen the jell-o out of the jars and E had a go at the Jell-o! 

As he played we talked about letter Jj and the items that start with Jj.

Theme: Thanksgiving

I made these every year with my students. These are great gifts (keepsakes) to give to parents, grandparents and love ones! I made a few with E and we will be giving them to grandparents and we will be keeping one Of course! :)

I usually use the chubby paint brushes to apply the fabric paint on the child's fingers. That is the easiest and fastest way to apply the paint, but my supplies are in storage. So we used what we had, cotton balls, and it worked out fine.


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  1. Those Jello Jewel Jars are awesome! Not only do they look like a lot of fun but it's 3 "J's" for the price of one! lol!

    1. Thanks Emma!! My son had a LOT of FUN playing with the jell-o! Happy new year! :)