Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Tree Theme Crafts and Activities

Theme: Christmas tree
Bible: 25 Days of Christmas
Math: shapes and colors
Sensory: Christmas tree sensory tub
Crafts: pinecone ornaments 

For the month of December we have been doing the 25 Days Of Christ In Christmas! E opens an envelope a day; inside the envelope is a small ornamnet and puts it on his little Christmas tree. I share with him the meaning of that Christmas symbol. To learn more about this advent activity click here: 


A fun and interactive way to learn colors and shapes.


I love how these pinecone ornaments turned out! I squeezed the glue on the pinecone and E placed the extra small pom poms on. When the Christmas tree
Pinecones where all dry I hot glued string to the top. We made a few of these to give to friends and family. I personalized it by adding the letter of their last name.

Sensory Aticity:

Made a little sensory tub activity to go along with the Christmas tree theme. I hot glued wire onto green pom poms and wrapped wire on button shapes for ornaments. For the snow I just used salt and fake fluffy snow you can buy at any craft store.

Note: the wire I used turned out to be too thin! I would recommend using a thicker gauge wire. A wire as thick as a paper clip might be better. E was getting a little frustrated that the wire would bend as he pushed it into the foam pinecone. 

Here are a just a few more crafts we've been making this month for gifts:

E painted wood frames (.99 cents from Michaels!) to give to the grandparents. I will place one of the pictures we took during our 2013 family photo session.

I wanted these frames to be 100% one of a kind from E. So, I let him pick which colors he wanted and let him paint the frames the way he wanted. When he said he was done I put that frame aside to dry. I layed out buttons, pom poms and felt flowers and he chose the ones he wanted to put on the frame. I love how unique they came out! 

We are using these bags to hand out little gifts for his buddies and cousins. 

For the month of December I took a break from organized lesson planning and we just made crafts and enjoyed spur of the moment activities. After New Years we will start up again with letter of the week. The theme for January will be winter and space!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope these ideas inspire you! :)


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