Monday, December 2, 2013

25 days of Christ in Christmas

I was in the hunt for an advent activity for my two year old son. I was looking for an idea that was Christ centered. There were two activities I was thinking about using: The Jesse Tree and The truth in the Tinsel. Both are great ideas and I will do them with E at some point. But for this year I wanted something simple and I wanted an idea that incorporates what he will be seeing during the month of December. So, I decided to do some research and come up with my own activity which I'm calling: 25 Days of Christ in Christmas. I made a list of 25 symbols we see during the "Holiday" season and I researched to find the meaning of the symbol which will link to our Savior Jesus Christ.  

Here is the list of the 25 "Holiday" symbols:

1. Evergreen Tree
2. Heart
3. Poinsettia
4. Wreath
5. Christmas Tree
6. Christmas lights
7. Holly Leaf
8. Drum
9. Fruit
10. Christmas globe ornament 
11. Gingerbread cookie
12. Santa clause 
13. Stocking
14. Rudolph 
15. Tinsel
16. Snowflake
17. Snowman 
18. Angel
19. Baby Jesus
20. Bow
21. Bell
22. Candy cane
23. Star
24. Crown
25. Gift


I wanted my son to see Jesus during Christmas since that's why we celebrate Christmas to remember and celebrate our Savior's birth. I went on a hunt to find a small ornament for each Christmas symbol. There were a few I couldn't find in the size I wanted so I just made them (wreath, baby Jesus, and the crown). The rest I found at the Dollar store, Michaels and CVS.

For each symbol there will be a meaning that links to our Savior Jesus Christ and a scripture verse. The last 8 ornaments will tell the story of the manger.

Since I just finalized what advent activity I was going to do a week ago, this activity is in progress. Follow My Little Sonbeam on Facebook to receive the meaning behind each symbol and scripture verse. 

If you haven't started an advent activity with your little ones, join us! Purchase an ornament for each symbol above and follow us on Facebook! I will (try) to post by 9am, Pacific Time, every morning on Facebook.

Here is Day one

Merry Christmas!

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