Thursday, January 9, 2014

January Week 1: Alphabet {Letter Kk}

Letter of the week box: king, kite, kit (doctors kit), kernels, kaleidoscope, keys, letter Kk flash card

Letter Song {U Tube Video}: "Letter K", by Having Fun Teaching

Letter K Worksheet: k is for kernels

We started by listening and watching the video of the song "Letter K," by Have Fun Teaching. E danced and jumped to the song and worked on saying the /k/ sound!

Then we went through the letter of the week box. We talked about each object. While pointing to the k flash card, I would say, "Kite starts with K. /k/ /k/ kite." I did this for each object. 

For the worksheet, I first pointed to the letter and said, "this is letter K" and read the sentence below. 

In advanced, I drew three letter k outlines (like the k on the worksheet) on a piece of paper. I modeled how to trace the letter k, by tracing letter k on the piece of paper I prepped.

I had my son trace the letter, on his worksheet, with his finger then trace the letter with a marker. I lightly guided his hand while tracing. 

After tracing we placed glue on letter K and he placed the kernels on the letter.

**{these are an edited version of the worksheets I made for the preschool last year. I hope to figure out how to make these available to you!}**

Letter K Activity: gross motor

We grabbed the kite and took it outside for a whirl! This is E's first time playing with a kite. First I gave it a try and E chased me around. It was lots of fun, laughing and running. It wasn't windy enough, so I never got it up in the air, but We still had fun. I cut the kite string and added a short thick piece of string (I used hemp string) for E to give it a try. I knew he would have fun just running with it and the thicker string would make it easier for him. He had a blast running up and down our court!

This was a fun and simple letter Kk sensory tub E enjoyed playing with it for almost an hour!

He loved simply scooping up the kernels and pouring them through the funnel into the ketchup bottle. Once the bottle was full he dumped out the kernels and filled it up again...and again...and again!

He looked for the keys and counted them.

Thank you for your support and stopping by! Hope these activities inspire you!


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