Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January Week 2: Theme {Space Rockets and Stars}

For the Month of January we are shooting for the stars! 

We are making a space book. Here are two of six pages that will be included in the space book!

***please note: preschool licensing paperwork is in full swing! I am in the middle of all the paperwork that will be submitted for the preschool application! I am still doing preschool learning activities with my son, but please be patient with my postings! :) I will post as time allows and will, eventually, post all the activities we did! Also, I will not be as descriptive as I usually am. The postings will be more of a "Pictorial" of the activities, for now, until the application is finished. Thank you! :)******

Page 1: Rocket Ship 


Here is a link to the directions by Family Fun:

Page 2: Stars

Fine Motor Activity: Push Pin Stars
*caution: child must be supervised while using pushpin! ;) 

Gross Motor Actiivity: Star-Hopscotch 

Thank you for your support and stopping by! Hope these activities inspire you!


Love to hear from you!

Take a look at what else we learned during the second week of January:

Jan Wk 2: Bible

Jan Wk 2: Alphabet 

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