Sunday, January 12, 2014

January Week 1: Theme {Snow-man}

Theme: snowman

Math Concepts:
-sizes: big, medium and small
-Shapes: circles, square, rectangle and triangle

Science: solid-liquid-gas 

Sensory Tub:

Materials: "Instant Snow," styrofoam balls in three different sizes: big, medium and small and tooth picks (cut in half).

**{You can get the snow and a bag of the styrofoam balls at the Dollar Tree}**

First, I showed E how to build a snowman with the styrofoam balls and tooth picks. Then we built one together. By the third time E wanted to do it all by himself! He did really a really good job!

As he played with the "snow balls" we talked about the different sizes: big, medium and small. 

As he built a snowman I would ask him which size he would need first? (big)...second? (medium)...then last? (small). 

I had him point and identify the different sizes. 

Art project:

With this Shapely Snowman we again reviewed sizes and shapes. E glued the big, medium, and small circle to make a snowman. He then glued the brown square and rectangle for the hat. And lastly the orange triangle for the nose.

We added three dots of glue for him to add buttons (we used clear plastic pony beads). Then we headed outside to find two small sticks for his arms. E showed me were he wanted the arms and I added the glue.


I filled up some ice cube trays and small plastic bowls with water. I had E touch it and asked him, "what is this?" He said, "water!" I responded by saying,"Yes, it's water and water is a liquid." I asked him to say the word "liquid." 

I then placed the trays and bowls in the freezer. I asked him what his prediction would be ; what he thought would happen to the water. It was too cute, his response was, "burr, cold." :)

That evening we took out the trays and bowls and took a look at what happen to the water. I opened the freezer and ask him, "what happen to the water?" His response was, "it's ice!"

I shared with him that the water turned into ice! The freezer is so cold that the water turned into hard cold ice and that ice is a solid. The water was once a liquid and now it's a solid.

I placed the ice in a tray and E got to touch, observe and play with it. I added some salt, in a salt shaker, and E loved pouring the salt over the ice. We observed the ice melt and started to become a liquid again!

When E was done playing I rinsed off the salt and placed the ice back in the tray. We will go back and check to see if all the ice melts.

Once the ice melts, I will place it in the sun and hopefully it will eventually evaporate! We will see how long it will take with this weather! :)

Thank you for your support and stopping by! Hope these activities inspire you!


Love to hear from you!

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