Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January Week 2: Bible {Noah Part 2}

Bible: The Story of Noah- part 2
{Genesis 7} - The Flood

1. "Who Built the Ark?", by Paul Zim: Zimmy Zim's Zoo and Noah's Ark Too!

2. "Arky, Arky", by Fisher Price: Sunday school song along

Scripture Verse of the Month: "The word of the Lord endures forever." 
1 Peter 1:25

Scripture Verse Song of the month: "The Word of The Lord," by Family Seed Worship

We reviewed part 1 of the story of Noah and read page 6 in My First Read and Learn Bible. We talked about how God told Noah to build an ark. then the animals came, two by two, into the ark. Once all the animals were in the ark Noah closed the door to the ark and it began to rain. It rained and rained and rained for forty day and forty nights!

We talked about where rain comes from. It comes down from the sky. I shared with E that rain is water and the whole earth was covered in water. But Noah, his family, and the animals were dry and safe inside the ark.

Last week we listened to the song "Who Built the Ark?" and this week My plan was to hear "Arky, Arky" but E did NOT want to her "Arky, Arky" he loves the first song so we listened, danced and sang to the song "Who Built the Ark?"

We then worked on the art project. We talked about the shapes and colors. 

First I had E cut the circle in half. He cut about a third of the way, with my assistance, and then I cut the rest. We glued the shapes to build the ark and added the blue rectangles for water. Once all the shapes were glued we added rain drops! We used a blue "bingo" dot marker to make rain. He loved it!

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Just in case you missed it! Here is Noah Part 1:

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