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January Week 1: Bible {Noah part 1}

Bible: The Story of Noah- part 1
{Genesis 6:9-22}
The Ark and Animals

1. "Who Built the Ark?", by Paul Zim: Zimmy Zim's Zoo and Noah's Ark Too!

2. "Arky, Arky", by Fisher Price: Sunday school song along

Snack: animal crackers

Scripture Verse of the Month: "The word of the Lord endures forever." 
1 Peter 1:25

Scripture Verse Song of the month: "The Word of The Lord," by Family Seed Worship

We will learn about The story of Noah all month long. I divided the story into four parts (just like it is in the Bible). The first week we will focus on: God asked Noah to build an ark and the animals came to the ark two by two. The second week we will focus on the flood. The third week is the dove. And the fourth week is the rainbow that symbolizes God's promise!


We started the study by reading the Bible story of Noah in the children's Bible: My First Read and Learn Bible. We read all 6 pages (we read all four parts to do an overview of the story of Noah). Then we listened to the song: "Who Built the Ark." I like this version from Paul Zim. It caught E's attention right away.

This song is an oldie but a goody! It's catchy and easy for  little ones to remember. {In the evening when my Hubby came home, I asked E to tell daddy who built the ark. He thought about it and then I asked E again, but this time I sang it just like the song "who built the ark..." And E said "Noah did!"} :)


Next, We worked on the art project. {I pre-made the ark. I cut two slits and folded an opening to the ark and marked a number two inside. The animal stickers are from the dollar store!}

We talked about how the animals came to the ark 2 by 2. While E placed a pair of animals on the ark we sang this, from the song: "who built the ark", for each animal. ***sub the name of the animal corresponding to the animal being placed on the ark.***

"Here comes the elephants two by two, here comes the elephants two by two, here comes the elephants two by two."

sometimes we would add the sound the animal makes too. Ex: "Here comes the horses two by two, here comes the horses neigh neigh, here comes the horses two by two."


In the afternoon we reviewed Part 1 of the story of Noah. Then played the song "Who Built the Ark?" and did this fine motor activity. 

In advance I made the ark and clothespin animals. I found the images online at Microsoft clip art. E worked on clipping the animals on the paper ark. It was a bit of a challenge for him, so we did it together! We enjoyed talking about the animals and singing the song. 


E enjoyed a snack (treat) of animal cookies. We looked for pairs and talked about the animals names and sounds they make.

As E finished his snack I read Genesis 6:9-22 in my NIV Bible.

Review Questions:
Q: Who built the ark? (A: Noah did)
Q: Who told Noah to build the ark? (A: God did)
Q: What is an ark? (A: a big boat, a house boat)
Q: who came two by two into the ark? (A: the animals)

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